Signs of Bad Plumbing in Your Home

Major Plumbing problems usually stem from small issues, plumbers Torbay can offer you a lasting solution.
Often people ask for help after what was once a simple issue has turned into a major problem. Why wait and spend more money later? It's better you look out for the signs earlier and get the problem fixed before it costs you more. Below are signs of bad plumbing you should look out for that will save you money overtime if fixed early enough.
Unpleasant smells
Unpleasant smells from your plumbing can mean a lot of things. A smell coming from the kitchen sink could mean that food particles are clogged in the drain pipe and are rotting. A nasty smell around the house or toilet can mean there is a broken vent pipe that is letting in sewer gas. It could also be that your sewer line is damaged or that you have clogged drains. Any nasty smell should prompt you to contact a plumber to diagonise and fix the problem.
Stained walls or loosened floor tiles
These indicate the possibility of a pipe leaking in the walls or floor. A brownish stain on the ceiling should have you contact a plumber as soon as you notice it, especially if their is a bathroom above that ceiling. 
Weird sounds coming from the pipes
Weird sounds, also called haunted sounds by some home owners are a sign of bad drainage, not ghosts in your home. In case you hear a screeching sound when you turn the water on, this is a clear sign that something is wrong.
Slow drains
If your sink is draining water slowly. It means the pipes are clogged and need to be cleaned out. In case you have the appropriate tools you can unclog the pipes yourself but if you still can't fix the problem contact a professional plumber.
Low water pressure
Low water pressure is an issue that can be quite irritating. It's very common in older homes but it's causes are numerous. These include leakage in the pipes, clogged pipes, poorly sized pipes among others. You can only find out the root cause if you use a professional plumber.
In conclusion, if you become aware of any of the above issues around your home. It's a sign that things are not right somewhere in your plumbing system and to save yourself money, contact a professional plumber for an accurate diagnosis of the problem and then have them fix it.