Bikinis Mix and Match Tips

Bikinis NZ website is THE place to find the gorgeous outfits for your beach getaways this summer. Are you planning to get away from the every-day fuss and chill on the sand until sunset? You'll want to look your best if you want to feel your best. Your gorgeous beach look starts with choosing the right bikini. It needs to comfortable, quality, figure-flattering. Most importantly, you need to feel good wearing it. This year, fashion trends have been testing boundaries, mixing styles, and layering textures. Here are the top bikini trends to play with this summer:
Mix and Match
Who said you had to wear a uniformed bikini, and why do so if you can mix tops and bottoms of your choosing? When doing this, make sure that tops and bottoms contrast each other and that they belong to the same family style-wise.
Go Retro
Retro chic is never out of style. It's feminine, figure flattering, and accents the curves. It's also arguably less revealing than the modern design, which you'll enjoy if you prefer to cover a bit more or want to support your curves rather than flaunt them.
Bold is Beautiful
When you head out to the beach, don't forget your sunscreen and water bottle, as health comes first. You also shouldn't forget to bring feathered jewelry, hair accessories, watercolor-printed dresses, and huge, neon rocks. This year, beach apparel is bolder than ever. Nothing is forbidden as long as you balance the look with flattering shapes, fabrics, and color contrasts.
Summer 2018 is the best time to express inner creativity with fashion & accessories. Top fashion influencers have presented us with daily wear tiaras, fluorescent feathered earrings, and eccentric designs. Daily wear, including beachwear, is embracing freedom of expression and is no longer about nudes and natural looks. Leave your neutrals and pastels at home, and embrace neon, animal print, and avant-garde bikini designs to boost the fun.