Starting Up Our Garden


When we think that we might ran out of help, we can still turn to Design Works Group for help that goes beyond our expectation. We know how hard it is to feel the pressure of really putting our effort in making our garden beautiful.


We need not go far because we have our DWG to help us with our dilemma. To start with a good piece of garden, it is important that we also put effort into building a foundation that is right for us. We need not hurry into finishing our work because we have all the time to decide which will we include in our floras in our garden. We have to really see if our plants suit the kind of garden that we designed. We have to carefully research about which kind of plants we should pick. We have to know which plants or trees or shrubs are compatible with the soil that we have in our garden and the climate that we have in our area.


We have to estimate where will they exactly grow and how big would they grow into so that we would be able to make use of the space that is in our garden. We need to make good use of the piece of land that were bestowed on us.